I chose to create a swan using soft white and black feather lashes and bright orange makeup for the beak. When I was little I felt like the “ugly duckling”, over the years I have watched myself becoming the “swan”. Through doing the bird related projects, I felt the need to express my feelings by getting in front of the camera.

I do makeup and hair for my shoots. Before I had this makeup case, it was hard to keep my makeup and tools organized. This case is the Metro Train Case- Black Diamond that can be purchased on

These images are from the second shoot with Dominique. Golds and bronzes were chosen because I wanted to use colors and tones that complimented her skin. The skirt is made form many pieces of fabric, mainly tulle, tucked into a belt around the waist. Nothing is sewn, just pinned.

The natural look is always photographed first. A foundation is needed with any canvas whether it is a primer for a painting or a primer for a face. Each layer is slowly built to make sure the colors are even and as rich as I want them to be. When I looked at Caitlin I knew I wanted wild with blues, greens and yellows.

Kept the makeup light for the “good” bird. Made it dark for the “bad” one.

Good versus bad. Saint versus sinner.

Working on natural makeup. I used a light dusting of tans and golds. Makeup artists consider natural looks the hardest and most complex to execute properly.


Joelie’s hair and eyes are rich shades of browns and some blonde hues. I wanted to match the richness with bold, warm hues such as red and orange. In this image I wanted her to show some attitude because red makes me think of anger.

This shoot was inspired by the artist known as Erte. His designs in fashion, film and theatre influenced an art movement known today as “Art Deco”. (Erte Bigraphy, WEB) As soon as I saw his work, I knew I wanted to incorporate my bird theme into my images. Black and white were used to show the tension between good and evil and the fine line between them.